Inviting People to a Newly Created Event




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    Lexi Chassiotis

    Does this mean you can only "email" an invite?  You cant add someone to an event, if they've told you via FB?

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    Heba (Edited )

    Hi Lexi,

    If they indicated going via FB then you can Take Attendance after the event has passed and you can make sure they get on the list of those who attended the event. The other thing is if they told you via FB they're going that means you're advertising the event on FB so you can include your customised LeadTrain Events Pages link in the FB details and say to please confirm registration that way. The goal of capturing the invites and RSVPs this way is you can easily email the group that RSVP'd for example (via LeadTrain of course). I know you can do that on FB too by posting and everyone who clicked Going will be notified but the goal of LeadTrain Events is to help you manage events and give a bit more responsibility on committing to attend or not. An RSVP via email has somehow more calibre than clicking Going on an FB event because sometimes people don't really take that seriously. At least with a proper registration link (almost like Eventbrite - when people put their events on Eventbrite they advertise that link in their FB event and urge everyone to register through the Eventbrite link despite clicking on Going).

    Does this explanation help? :)



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