7 Steps to Improve Your Network Marketing Facebook Posts



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    Judi Giacomozzi

    Hey Jordan

    Well done with the video.

    I am new to social media platform and still on a huge learning curve. You've helped me better understand something. I have been focusing on building my biz site and not as concerned with branding myself. When you mentioned the example about someone looking for products...they will be be looking for a person not a business to deal with. In other words, they will be want a personal connection just as I do when I contact a company about a product. Or worse, should they want to build a business, they will go with someone offering them leadership and personal trainings...a business can't do that.

    I just have to find this happy medium with marketing myself and my business. hmmm Any suggestions are welcome.

    Your brief training makes perfect sense.

    Thank you for continuing to improve LT and offering these nuggets of trainings for your members.


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    Robin & Ron Crawford

    Hey Jordan,

    Nice job and good info. the examples in the article come up as missing pages.

    Would love to see those...



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