Error retrieving location message



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    Heba (Edited )

    Melinda so sorry you're having troubles

    This will occur if you're putting the event as online or not putting a location and then selecting it from the menu powered by Google Maps search. Is that the case? Just to let you know that we've installed a code in the Events where you HAVE to put a location in the Location (so any city and state will do). Once you've saved that with the location I think you can go back and Edit and then put down that it's online but to create the event, a location must be put down as it will link your event to the right timezone.

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    Susanne Brokx

    I have the same issue and I am not leaving it blank, nor am I putting it as online. It just isn't matching ANYTHING I put, no options become available. It is not connecting to Google maps either. What do I do wrong?

    Thanks for the assistance.


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