Is there a track for after a class?



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    Suzie Middleton

    Hi Helen thank you for your message.
    It is for the new contacts made at the class that didn't set up wholesale account.
    Step 1- To thank them for attending and giving my contact & website details.
    Step 2 - Follow up call to see if they received 1st email and are happy to recieve more info on their health challenges
    Step 3 - Information on class gift oil.
    Step 4 - Information on their specific health concerns.....
    Step 5 - follow up, do they need any questions answered and see if they are ready to get a wholesale account
    Step 6 - Set up their wholesale account and order their products
    Step 7 - Invite to host a class
    Step 8 - Set up a wellness consult after receiving products
    And then I think they would probably go on a Host a class Track.

    A similar Track for those who set up a wholesale account at the class but put them on a continued information Track.
    Thinking something like that.
    I am open to any feedback.
    Thank you. Suzie

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    Michele Mulliett

    Would you share you lovely track creation Suzie when your done, definately a useful track indeed x

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    Helen Alspaugh

    that's a great idea! Is it for your new contacts or for your hostess?

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    Helen Alspaugh (Edited )
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    Helen Alspaugh

    Hey Suzi, 

    Those are Great ideas! It sounds like you have a handle on what you'd like to address in each, why don't you try your hand at creating a track from scratch? It's pretty simple really once you do it a couple of times. 

    You could probably look thorough some of the existing ones for leads and use some of the verbiage from those. Just copy the code, then open your Tracks tab, then do a New track from existing code, then paste. You can change any of the information inside those tracks as well. That s what I love about LT-it's so flexible to adjust to our  own personality.

    Let me know how it's going...

    The community will thank you!


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    Suzie Middleton

    Hi Helen
    Thank you for your support and for your suggestion.
    I will make up a Track and with the assistance of beautiful people like yourself and others in the LT community we will have a starting point.
    Have a beautiful day.
    Kinds regards Suzie

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    Meaghan Gannett

    Yes Suzie that all sounds great and thanks for putting it out to us. I'd love to know about the track too when it's done!

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