Adding a reminder or task to a track


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    Hi Virginia

    Sorry I've just seen this now. I am not sure I quite understand but have you booked a coaching session with a Success Coach to ask this question? You can book one right from your Settings tab.

    If I understand correctly you want to be able to remind yourself to add someone to an educational mailing list in their 30 Days track is that right? Have you added that step as a reminder to yourself in the track? It would look like a Follow-up step and you would just label it "reminder to add to educational mailing list" as a reminder to you but you would obviously not action that step to them. So then you just move them to next step and when you move someone to the next step that step becomes actionable right away. If the icon is "coloured in" then it is actionable. If the item has been actioned and waiting for the days to next step then the step icon isn't coloured in.

    Hope that makes sense?


    LeadTrain Success Coach

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