Social Media: Share Collections directly with the community



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    Melissa Dettmer

    yes please!!!!!!!!  This is how I run online events via FB or other social media. I have everything perfectly timed out depending on the type of post, calls to action, or length of video.  So, would it also be possible to share the TIMING of the collection as well?  

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    Libby McMaster

    I am not sure what your business is, but this is something I'm looking for! Is it possible to have a Facebook class set up and have the posts timed and posted automatically? I'm with doTERRA and was discussing this with my upline this week. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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    Andrea Haas

    Not only would I love the ability to share a collection with timing (as Melissa said) but also the ability to schedule and post a collection with timing just by choosing a start date. I'd really like LeadTrain to be my one-stop shop, but having to schedule every post individually is a lot more time consuming than what I'm able to do on Post My Party. If this feature was added, I'd be able to cancel my PMP subscription and just use LeadTrain for everything.

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