Samsung Leadtrain app reinstalled



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    Wendy Parker

    Have the new Samsung S8+ and the app won't work at all - at login, it comes up with Server Fail.  Wondering if this and the issue above are related.


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    Sylvia Lambregts

    I have the same problem with my Samsung. Thought it was me ;-)

    uninstalled also, but it stil doesn't work. I am new to LT so the app has never worked for me

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    Tammara Kropp

    Hello, this is the reply I received this morning. I am having the same problem on my LG G4

    Hello Tammara,

    What type of phone do you have at the moment? I know that the mobile app is currently being resolved for Android phones. I can add you to those whom we will notify once there has been a fix. However accessing your LeadTrain via your Google Chrome browser on your phone is much more stable and reliable, exactly as if you are using it on desktop computer. You can point the URL to and then login as per usual. 

    Let me know if that works and also what type of Android phone you are so you can be notified when the Mobile App for Android users has been fixed.

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