Is there a way to download contacts and notes from LeadTrain?



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    Hi Callie!

    You would need to export your data from Insightly into a CSV file. Have you looked into our Help Center on how best to import a CSV file into LeadTrain?

    Here are some useful articles that might help:

    How to export data into CSV from Insightly:

    Importing any CSV File into Prospects / Leads or Team Tab:

    Let me know if this helps :)


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    Callie Carling

    Hi Heba, good morning!

    I am so sorry but importing data into LeadTrain isn't the issue; exporting the data from LeadTrain is my query.

    I need to know that on LeadTrain I can add notes etc to each of my contacts and then be able to export all of that data from LeadTrain onto my computer (whether its in a csv file or some other format). So e.g. if I am coaching a client, then I can have up to 18 months' worth of notes and emails attached to that one client: I need to be able to download that data in some format or another to my computer.

    It's not a personal thing, I just don't trust anyone to hold all of my data on a system and me not to be able to download it to my own computer as a duplicate/back-up copy!

    With kindest regards




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    Hi Callie 

    Good morning :)

    Oh so sorry I misunderstood you! So yes of course you can export data from LeadTrain to your computer HOWEVER it's not a function that is available to you from your account at the moment. You would need to request that from us and we would do that for you. So far we can easily export Contacts with one click of a button but we can also do a custom export for you of all notes (or maybe the export function already includes Notes I need to double-check).

    But the answer is YES we can export your data for you, you just need to write in to us whenever you need that! And hopefully that will be a function available to users in the near future.

    Kind regards,


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    Callie Carling

    Lovely - thank you so much for your swift replies, Heba, very much appreciated!

    With blessings and gratitude

    Callie x

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